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Stewart Tamp Sutherland Podiatrist
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The Podiatry Squad

  • Provider Number: POD0002033098

I believe high quality health services, including home visits, should be accessible to everyone and not just those that can afford it. I have a passion for podiatry but a greater passion to make a change for the better. By offering my services to the public I can make a difference that you, as a patient, will notice and love. I am also equipped with a custom made portable work station designed and developed exclusively by The Podiatry Squad. This has never before been done in the industry and allows for a far superior home visit service.

Service pricing

  • Preformed (Off the shelf) Orthotics - $150.0
  • Medicare (EPC) Referral - $90.0
  • Initial Consultation - $90.0
  • Standard Consultation - $80.0
  • Biomechanical Assessment - $40.0
  • Negative Foot Cast - $30.0