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How does it work?

Owner Health is a home-visit podiatry service. We provide treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The podiatrist will bring all the required equipment to provide top-notch in-home care. We do not offer clinic-based consultations as we believe in-home podiatry is the future of healthcare.

In-Home Podiatry Australia Wide

Our home-based podiatry services are available in every major Australian city including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, & Perth. We firmly believe that professional treatment and care should be open and accessible to anyone who needs it, whether they can travel to a clinic or not.

Search your home address to find nearby podiatrists.

To make an in-home podiatry consultation search your address to find a list of nearby podiatrists. You can view their profile to determine who is best for your situation. To make an appointment, you can book online or contact the practitioner directly by phone. The podiatrist will arrive with all the equipment to complete a clinic quality consultation in your home. You can pay after the appointment using EFTPOS.

Mobile Podiatry is the future of healthcare.

It can be challenging for people to attend a clinic when having foot problems. Think about it you won't need to worry about transport to get the care you deserve. At Owner Health we are committed to growing home visit podiatry services.

Attention Mobile Podiatrists.

Are you a qualified podiatrist? Are you available to provide home visit podiatry consultations in your local area? Owner Health is a home visit software and marketplace. Create a practitioner profile today, and we can connect you with local clients.

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