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Peng Yan Sydney Podiatrist
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Peng Yan Podiatry

  • Provider Number: 5303262B
Bachelor of Podiatrist

My passion is podiatry and to qualify and practice podiatry is my true vocation.
During my 4 years of study, I have been fortunate to already had excellent learning experiences in practicing foot care skills in different private podiatry clinics. I have learned a variety of skills including biomechanics assessments, orthotic prescription and different taping and injection techniques. I have also gained valuable experience with different client groups such as elderly people, children and athletes. in my services also including foot care for patients with diabetic foot problems.
I have excellent one to one communication skills and commitment to high quality patient-centered care. I am fluent in both English and Chinese.

Service pricing

  • Initial consultation - $130.0
  • Subsequent consultation - $100.0