The future of physiotherapy treatment is "in-home physiotherapy". Research suggests home visit physiotherapy is both more preferred by patients, and achieves better results." 

What is home visit physiotherapy? 

Traditionally physiotherapy appointments have occurred within a clinic, although recently we've seen a growing home visit physiotherapy service. A home visit physiotherapist will drive to your location, and appointment occurs in the comfort and convenience of your home. 

Why does home physiotherapy get better results?

As a physiotherapist, I feel the musculoskeletal assessment is the most important component of the consultation. Within a clinic a patient could mention, "It hurts when I put a glass into the top cupboard." A home visit physiotherapist can get the patient to demonstrate the activity within their environment. The location advantage can increase the accurate and relevance of the musculosketal assessment. Transport difficulties can also be a major barrier to attending physiotherapy clinics. A home visit physiotherapist can get better results by removing a major barrier to attendance. 

Why is home are the future? 

Home visit physiotherapy has been happening for many years, although there has been many barriers. The major barrier to a home visit physiotherapy appointment has been payment technology. The HICAPS terminals used to process the health insurance rebate has been restricted to a clinic. Recently Medipass has created a mobile application to allow health insurance payments from anywhere, including the patients home. 

Is a home visit suitable for you? 

Home visit physiotherapy is suitable for anyone with any injury. Previously home visits have been most popular among the elderly. Recently we've seen a large increase in home visits among younger populations, including mothers with young children/ 

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