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What is Medipass Health Payments?

HICAPS is the terminal used by heath professionals to process a patient's health insurance rebate. 

In welcome news, HICAPS is about to get a major upgrade. 

Medipass is a technology company with a focus on high quality digital payments. They have announced a recent partnership with NAB and HICAPS to improve the payment terminals used by the majority of allied health practitioners. Medipass has created a solution to process a health insurance rebate within a mobile phone application.

Soon the HICAPS terminal will not be required. 

Mobile health professionals, including physiotherapists, have always struggled with processing payments at a patient's home. In the clinic, we can provide an immediate health insurance rebate using the HICAPS terminal. Unfortunately the HICAPS terminal must be plugged into both power and ethernet connections, thus this has restricted in home visit consultation payments. 

Medipass's technology communicates directly with HICAPS mobile application. 

The patient will download the HICAPs app, and enter their health insurance and credit card details. The health professional will use their practice management software to communicate with the patients mobile. The patient can accept the payment and process the rebate immediately. 

The future opportunities are amazing. 

The HICAPS application has not yet fully integrated with all health insurance companies, medicare, and DVA; although this is expected within the next few months. 

Following the release of medipass/hicaps app, I predict strong growth in allied health consultations outside the clinic, including: home visits, workplaces, hydrotherapy pools, and sporting clubs. I have previously been pessimistic about the future of the physiotherapy profession. I have feared there maybe too many graduates compared to jobs available in this profession. I hope this payment technology will bring growth to a profession possibly struggling with over saturation. 

About Us:

Owner Health has developed a practice management software focussed on mobile allied health professionals. We have developed a solution to challenged faced by mobile clinics, including: payments, service radius, online bookings, route planning, and appointment scheduling. 

To get a full outline of our features, please view our software page. 

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