What is the highest paid physiotherapist?

If you are thinking of becoming a physiotherapist in Australia, you may be wondering how much money you can expect to earn. In this blog post, we will take a look at the highest-paid physiotherapists in the country and find out just how much they make. Keep reading to learn more!

What is physiotherapy and what do physios do?

In Australia, a physiotherapist is a registered health professional that assists in the management of pain and injury. They work in a variety of settings including private clinics, hospitals, aged care, and home care. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques including exercise, hands-on therapy, and others.

Limitations of physiotherapy earning?

Physiotherapists typically work on a 1-1 ratio with a client; in some cases small groups. This provides a natural limitation to the earning potential of a physiotherapist. It's based on the maximum amount a client will pay, and the number of available work hours, minus the overheads. For this reason, the majority of healthcare professions including physiotherapy wouldn't be considered a high earning profession.

Supply and demand in physiotherapy in Australia.

In all aspects of the economy, including physiotherapy, the maximum a client will pay for your services is dependent on supply and demand factors. Simply put, how many other practitioners in the area provide similar services?

As a general rule, there are fewer physiotherapists available in rural areas so the client has less choice of providers. However, in this same area, there are fewer patients seeking service. On the plus side, rural clinics typically have lower overheads and NDIS price guides don't provide discounts. On the minus side, it's hard to find practitioners to join your business if that's the goal. I understand I've talked in circles in the above paragraph however that's the point, it's a complex decision.

Highest paid graduate physiotherapists

In Australia, the highest-paid physiotherapy graduates typically work in aged care facilities. It's reasonably common for a graduate physiotherapist to start on $80-$100K (AUD) packages. Although I love working with elderly clinics, aged care physiotherapy would be the least popular branch of physiotherapy - it's seen to be the least intellectually stimulating for the physiotherapist. In Australia, there is a lot of funding for aged care facility service physiotherapy. Businesses that service these facilities will typically offer all applicants a job, sometimes without an interview.

Highest paid expert physiotherapists

In Australia, the highest-paid expert physiotherapists will typically work in either elite sports physiotherapy. Professional athletes are paid lots of money, and injury can cause significant disruption to a sports team. Therefore the highest-paid expert physiotherapist is in demand to reduce the amount of missed games and increase performance. An elite sports physiotherapist can command a package of $200K+ (AUD). The problem, there are very few of these jobs available.

Educator physiotherapists at universities are also well paid - however, I don't have knowledge of these packages.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, it is clear that the highest-paid physiotherapists in Australia are those who work in elite sports physiotherapy settings. If you are thinking of becoming a physiotherapist, keep this in mind as you choose your area of specialization. Thanks for reading!


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