Mobile Physiotherapy London

Mobile Physiotherapist

Owner Health is a cutting-edge, home visit physiotherapy service that is building a network of mobile health professionals in the United Kingdom. Most notably in the Greater London area. Patient appointments will be provided by a mixture of qualified, independent practitioners (i.e. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy members) and pre-approved clinics.

Owner Health is committed to growing strong ties in the Greater London Authority (pop. 23 million, est.) with local alliances that enable us to provide top-notch physiotherapy care.

London, like most global metropolises, is renowned for traffic congestion and busy roads. This not only affects local residents commuting to work, it's also hard for home visit physiotherapists who must negotiate various routes to and from multiple patient homes each day. To better accommodate our mobile health professionals, Owner Health's software scheduling model uses the service period concept. Essentially, all London mobile physiotherapy clients are given a three-hour window, during which time a physio will arrive at your home.

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