Steph Novak

Strathmore, VIC
800+ Appointments


Stephanie graduated from La Trobe University in 2011 and is both a physiotherapist and DMA trained Pilates instructor with an experienced background as a Checetti method ballerina. As a long-term dancer herself, she understands the importance of correcting compensatory movement patterns, often adopted by those with injuries, before they become a long-term problem. With her strong background in orthopaedic rehabilitation, musculoskeletal conditions and women’s’ health, she approaches her treatment sessions with a holistic approach by integrating her clients’ with the personal goals with the clinical needs of the injury.

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, La Trobe University
Provider Number: 447381GL


Custom Orthotics $690.0
Podiatry Long subsequent Long 90 mins session $252.0
Rus care Physiotherapy Home Visit - INITIAL (60 minutes) $181.63
AUNTY GRACE Podiatry Initial 60 min $178.0
AUNTY GRACE Physiotherapy Initial 60min $178.0
AMPLAR Physio/Podiatry Initial Consultation $178.0
Rus care Physiotherapy Home Visit - F/U (60 minutes) $171.42
Biomechanical assesment 1 hour (approved by referrer) $168.0
AUNTY GRACE Podiatry Standard Follow up 60 min $168.0
AUNTY GRACE Physiotherapy Standard Follow up 60min $168.0

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