Sabina Kuljuh

Art Therapist
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Hi there, thank you for your interest. My name is Sabina and I am a qualified secondary school teacher (B. A. Ed.) and Art Therapist (AThRMasters). I have experience and am committed to creativity and the arts enriching people's lives. Art can promote wellness, communicate, enliven, empower and stimulate social change. When we work together using the arts and our imaginations, the amazing, surprising and unexpected become possible.

I am also an artist, a mother of a 17 year old and have extensive experience working with "high risk" and vulnerable young people in a secondary school setting. My approach is gentle, kind and compassionate, finding ways to heal past traumas and live our best life.

I love to paint, meditate, be in nature, and I am inspired by the arts... film, music, galleries, and have a great thirst for reading!

I love connecting with people and I am curious about how our stories unfold and are communicated… be it using words or other ways of expression.

I hope we can work together to bring you calm and ease in your life too. No creative/art experience necessary, just curiosity.

Education: Masters
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