Prakashni Reddy

Reservoir, VIC
2000+ Appointments


Prakashni qualified as a physiotherapist in South Africa and did her Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University. As such, she has worked across a variety of clinical and educational settings in her 35 years on the job, both in SA and here in Australia.

Working in Community Health over the last 10 years has deepened her passion for chronic disease management and working with older adults, using a person centred care model which involves communication and a holistic approach, towards enabling and empowering people to take control of their health and well-being. It is afterall their OWN BODY! And now working with people in their own home helps set meaningful, realistic and functional goals for each remarkable individual.

Apart from her passion of being a physiotherapist and a mum to 3 adult sons, She loves volunteering, gardening, upcycling/recycling things into art/craft, doing puzzles and studying! She is currently finishing writing her thesis toward her Doctorate of Public Health degree, her research being in "LGBTI Issues in Palliative Care" in Victoria.

Provider Number: 228638BF


Custom Orthotics $690.0
Subsequent Extended Podiatry Home Visit (90 minutes) $244.5
Biomechanical assesment 1 hour (approved by referrer) $163.0
Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy session (1hr) $163.0
Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy session (45 mins) $142.0
TAC physiotherapy session 31- 40min out of rooms includ travel $119.2
Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (30 minutes) ex GST $81.5
NDIS - report writing per 15min - No GST $48.49
OT Telehealth 15min session $45.0
Cancellation Fee - greater 4 hours notice + GST $40.0