Julia Dingley

Port Melbourne, VIC
900+ Appointments


Julia qualified as a Physiotherapist in London in 2004 and has worked in both
community and hospital settings. During her career she has worked for 10 years in
the National Health Service in the UK and has also worked at the Victorian
Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne specialising in neurology. In the last 3 years she
has worked for a private independent company in London working with people in
their own homes. She has specialised in adult rehabilitation and is passionate about
ensuring people improve their independence and achieve their individual aims. She
provides a holistic approach to her treatments and supports her clients in achieving
their maximum potential in their rehabilitation journey. Julia feels that working with
people in their own home is extremely rewarding and it makes their rehabilitation
more meaningful to them.
One of Julia’s special interests is manual handling and she enjoys supporting
patients, families and other professionals with complex manual handling tasks. Other
special interests include working with people who have had a stroke, people with
Parkinson’s disease and people experiencing balance problems and/or dizziness.  
Outside of work Julia is a busy Mum of two young children. In her spare time she
enjoys singing and playing team supports such as hockey and tennis.

Provider Number: 6047553X


Custom Orthotics $690.0
Podiatry Long subsequent Long 90 mins session $252.0
Rus care Physiotherapy Home Visit - INITIAL (60 minutes) $181.63
AUNTY GRACE Podiatry Initial 60 min $178.0
AUNTY GRACE Physiotherapy Initial 60min $178.0
AMPLAR Physio/Podiatry Initial Consultation $178.0
Rus care Physiotherapy Home Visit - F/U (60 minutes) $171.42
Biomechanical assesment 1 hour (approved by referrer) $168.0
AUNTY GRACE Physiotherapy Standard Follow up 60min $168.0
AUNTY GRACE Podiatry Standard Follow up 60 min $168.0

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