Jershon Yong

Speech Therapist


Jershon is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) who has a keen interest in supporting individuals become effective communicators. Providing holistic person-centred care, keeping in mind that communication is more than just speech and language.

He has several years of experience working with diverse teams and has clinical experience working with both children and adults in education, communication and swallowing. Jershon is passionate about working with disabilities and the culturally and linguistically diverse. He believes that the client is not just the individual but includes everyone else that is connected, understanding the prevalence of third-party disability. Jershon also has special interests in telehealth, providing speech pathology services across various platforms.

Outside of clinic, Jershon enjoys an active lifestyle which includes hiking, sports, water sports and calisthenics. He also enjoys playing music, reading, writing and arts.

Provider Number: 5671521W


Speech Pathology initital appointment $150.0
Speech Pathology subsequent appointment $130.0