Gladys Sango

Doreen, VIC
600+ Appointments


Gladys graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne in 2019. Before that she studied a Bachelor of Biomedical science from Latrobe University.
Gladys always wanted to work with people and help in maintaining and improving their health. She now has experience in working with children, working with the elderly, and working with a variety of people varying conditions in the private sector. She is passionate about using physiotherapy to help encourage people to be able to do things for themselves, and to equip people with the skills and resources to help them manage their conditions as well.

Education: Doctor of Physiotherapy- University of Melbourne
Provider Number: 5776093T


Long subsequent consult $250.0
MAIB Out of Rooms Consultation - Physiotherapy - Complex Treatment $205.4
Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training - Physiotherapy $193.99
Community Social and Recreational Activities $193.99
Capacity Building Supports For Early Childhood Interventions - Physiotherapy $193.99
Disability Health Related - Physiotherapy $166.99
HITH Initial Evaluation $165.0
MAIB Requested Report (PHYS) $164.2
MAIB Out of Rooms Consultation - Physiotherapy - Initial Consultation $154.4
Initial Physio Consultation $154.0

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