Beth Thomas

Hahndorf, SA
2000+ Appointments


Beth studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UniSA, graduating in 2014. While in her final year of study she worked at the Repatriation General Hospital, working with a variety of Rehab patients. Since graduating Beth has found her place working in private practice.

Beth has done further learning in the ConnectTherapy™ model, which is a new and innovate physiotherapy assessment and treatment model. Through this learning Beth is able to assess your body and movement in more depth, and work out why you are experiencing your symptoms, rather than just treating them. If you have seen other health practitioners with little or short lasting benefits - then this technique is definitely worth a try.

Beth has a keen interest in people who are suffering repeated or chronic pain states, as she has seen how the ConnectTherapy™ model can change even chronic pain states by helping the whole body move more efficiently. She has also done extra learning in treatment around the ribcage, as well as the upper neck, cranium and jaw (great for any headache sufferers).

In her spare time Beth enjoys walking/running her dog Bobby, keeping her body moving in different ways through Pilates and Yoga, finding new places to eat out, a nice glass of red wine, and spending time with loved ones.

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Provider Number: 4982715B


Initial Consult $135.0
Long Consult $115.0
Subsequent Consult $95.0