Ben Strachan

Paediatric Physiotherapist
Brisbane, QLD
2000+ Appointments


Ben Strachan is a dedicated physiotherapist with an impressive two decades of experience in paediatric physiotherapy. Ben's passion for his work is contagious, and his expertise shines through in his interactions with young patients. With a warm and friendly approach, he has a knack for making physiotherapy sessions engaging and effective for babies, infants, and young children. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ben is a loving father to a young daughter, adding a personal touch to his understanding of the unique needs of children. His commitment to enhancing the well-being of little ones through physiotherapy is evident in every aspect of his practice, making him a trusted and compassionate resource for families seeking quality care for their youngest members.

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Provider Number: 4176029A


Weekend Physiotherapy $160.0
NDIS Physiotherapy (45 mins Paediatric) $144.0
NDIS Physiotherapy (15 mins Paediatric) $48.0
NDIS travel $25.0
NDIS travel (25) $25.0

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