Ben Mason

Box Hill South, VIC


Ben Mason is the Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Home Active Physiotherapy. He offers both home visits and telehealth consultations. His primary focus is on falls prevention and balance training, however he also treats musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from acute lower back pain, to chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

Ben has always had a keen interest in physical activity. In his formative years, this interest primarily manifested itself in the form of sport, and particularly basketball. Competing in local and representative competitions, it was here that Ben learnt the unfortunate side of sports: injuries. However, each situation provides an opportunity for learning and from these injuries Ben became a regular patient at the local physiotherapy clinic sparking his interest in the profession.

Upon graduating from the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Physiotherapy program he has worked in private practice where he discovered a passion for promoting exercise and wellbeing in not only young athletes such as himself, but also in older populations. He found it incredibly rewarding helping local seniors achieve their goals, allowing them to maintain independence in their own homes and in the community.

He has always had a close relationship with his own grandparents, who have provided wonderful examples of how staying active can significantly improve quality of life. Ben’s grandmother, affectionately known as Gran, is an inspiration to him and his entire family, always striving to maintain her health and always up for a laugh. It is people such as Gran who inspired Ben to start Home Active Physiotherapy, helping older Australians lead active and independent lives just like Gran.

In his time off Ben loves spending time with his beautiful wife Emma and their pet dog “Dash”, a very mischievous whippet. Ben and Emma love traveling and have an ever-expanding list of countries they one day wish to visit. He still plays basketball, though now endeavours to keep himself out of harm’s way as best he can. He is also writing a novel, which he has been working on for over ten years!

Education: Doctor of Physiotherapy
Provider Number: 5431672J


Subsequent Home Visit Consultation (Extended - 2 Areas) $123.0
Initial Home Visit Consultation $113.0
Subsequent Home Visit Consultation (Standard) $93.0