Mobile Physical Therapy New York

Mobile Physiotherapist

Owner Health is a software company that partners with independent practitioners and physical therapy clinics that provide home visit consultations in the New York metropolitan region. This works for patients in that there is no middle man - you deal directly with the “boss”; i.e. the actual person providing health services. Our business model resembles those of global success stories Uber and AirBnB. However, it is adapted to the local realities of mobile physical therapy in the United States, including New York City.

As one of America's most populous cities, New York is facing increased healthcare demands from an aging population, as well as those who simply prefer home-based care. As such, Owner Health has made it a priority to satisfy this demand for home visit physical therapy. We are rapidly expanding our network of New York mobile physical therapists. This will allow us to provide full coverage of the city's five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. In time, we will look to include Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley. If you are in NYC and are looking for mobile physical therapy services, please visit our online booking page. You will be able to search your local area for an approved physio.

All New York physical therapists associated with Owner Health are self-employed professionals with the authority to set their own prices. You deal directly with the practitioner, and benefit from local choice and price competition. Similar arrangements will exist with affiliated mobile physio clinics in the future. Please check the pricing pages on our website, and the practitioner profiles relevant to your neighborhood.

New York is renowned for traffic congestion and busy roads. This not only affects local residents commuting to work, but also home visit physical therapists who must negotiate various routes to and from multiple patient homes each day. To better accommodate our mobile health professionals, Owner Health's software scheduling model uses the service period concept. Essentially, all New York mobile physical therapy clients are given a three-hour window, during which time a physio will arrive at your home.

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