As a mobile physiotherapist, i've always struggled with driving distance between patients. 

Long driving long distances between patients, is both: time consuming and expensive due to increased wages and vehicle costs. 

A 'route planner' is a software that can identify the shortest distance between locations. Google maps can measure the distance between two locations, although a route planner can manage many more than two. 

We have previously used cliniko practice management software in my physiotherapy clinics. Unfortunately manually finding each patients address and pasting into a route planner is very inefficient. 

Owner Health's mobile clinic management software has a direct integration with 'my route online'. The practitioner can find the shortest driving distance between patients location and estimate arrival time with one click. 

We have found the direct integration with a route planner very beneficial in our clinic. 

If you're struggling with managing driving distance in your mobile physiotherapy clinic, please trial our mobile clinic management software. You will experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced driving time 
  • Lower overheads 
  • Potenial for more appointments 
  • Less errors 
  • Better patient satisfaction 

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