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Physiotherapy in aged care facilities

Do physiotherapist work in aged care?

A physiotherapist is an important member of the team in an aged care facility. They perform many tasks including pain management, rehabilitation, manual handling, and group exercise classes. In this blog post, we discuss each of these tasks in more detail. 

Here are the mobile physiotherapists:

Each of the physiotherapists is available at per consultation and per day rates. Contact them directly to discuss further. 

Pain Management:
Pain management is a big part of aged care. It is estimated 80% of residents in aged care facilities suffer from chronic pain. It's important they are accurately diagnosed and receive best quality treatment. In Australia, pain management is provided with the 4B and 4A complex pain management program. The 4B component requires 20-minute massage consultations provided four times per week. The 4A is just once per week. Its hypothesized this will change in the future to include exercise and mental health therapy. 

A physiotherapist is skilled at exercise-based rehabilitation. Unfortunately, fall-related injuries included a fractured hip are very common in aged care. Frequently they are discharged to the aged care facility in just four days. A physiotherapist is the team leader at managing rehabilitation for these clients. 

Manual Handling:
A physiotherapist is skilled at the assessment and implementation of manual handling programs within an aged care facility. This includes the assessment of staff using equipment including a full hoist and general resident handling. They can also accurately assess the safest technique to handle a resident. 

Group exercise classes:
One of the most popular functions of a physiotherapist is the instruction of group exercises classes. Its common to see a physiotherapist teaching balance exercises in a group setting. 

If you would like to discuss the availability of our physiotherapist to work in a residential aged care facility do not hesitate to contact them directly by phone or email. As mentioned they are available on both consultation or full day rates. They may provide a discount to high volume referrers. 

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