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HICAPS mobile application! What is it? Can I use it in my allied health clinic?

Hicaps mobile application:

In recent news, Hicaps have created a customer-focused mobile payment application. This allows the immediate payment of health insurance rebate without a HICAPS terminal. The new application is available on both iOS and Android devices.

The patient download the mobile application and enters their health insurance and credit card details.

I can hear mobile physiotherapist’s everywhere cheer!

To reduce fraud transactions, health insurance companies have forced HICAPS terminals to be plugged into ethernet connection on modem. As I understand, the modem gives the companies information about the geographic location of the transaction. An important step in the reduction of fraudulent transactions. 

Unfortunately this requirement for an ethernet port is very restrictive for mobile allied health professionals. In my physiotherapy clinic, we have been forced to charge the patient the full consultation cost, and get the patient to manually submit their invoice. Too often a patient is not impressed! They can’t understand why we can't process their rebate. 

Now we can send a payment request to the patients mobile, and the application processes the health insurance payment and the gap to their credit card. 


The HICAPS application also has the added benefit, a patient can find the exact rebate and out of pocket costs before the appointment. Great news for patients concerned about high out of pocket costs. 

Owner Health’s mobile allied-health professional software is currently integrating our system with the new Hicaps application. 

This is how it works

  1. Patient downloads the application on their mobile 
  2. Patient enters their health insurance and credit card details 
  3. Health professional creates invoice on the practice management software.
  4. After invoice created, our system checks Hicaps servers to find patient. 
  5. if patient record exists, we show “Medipass” button on payment form. 
  6. After clicking medipass button, we send invoice data to hicaps severs. 
  7. Patient receives notification on their mobile. “Physiotherapist has requested $90, do you accept?” 
  8. If payment successful we update database, else payment remains outstanding balance. 

The technology is still in the development phases. Currently it doesn't support all health insurance companies, medicare, and DVA payments. They intend to integrate with all the payments methods offered currently by the terminal in their mobile application. Although this is a difficult process and more time required. 

I’m very excited about the potential for this technology. 

If you’re a mobile allied health professional i would recommend you create a free trial with our mobile clinic software. Your patients will love this new feature. 

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