I am a mobile physiotherapist, and the owner of three fixed address clinics. 

Online bookings in allied healthcare has grown in popularity!

A few years ago I implemented online bookings into my fixed address clinics. Initially I was scared the online booking flexibility would lead to increased failure to arrive and cancelation rates. Thankfully this didn't happen! Today 62% of our clinic bookings are made online.

Online bookings for mobile allied health professionals is more difficult, due to: service radius, and travel time variability. 

Owner Health has created a software for mobile allied health professionals with online bookings. 

Service radius:

Traditionally, mobile health professionals have struggled to communicate service radius. They typically use a shaded area on a map, and/or a list of suburbs; often overlooked by desperate patients. A booking for a patient outside your service radius, is time wasted. 

Owner Health has created a software that considers the geographic location of everything. We compare longitude and latitude of the practitioners start location and patient address, to check it's inside the service radius. We can provide reliable online bookings for mobile clinics by restricting bookings outside your desired service radius. 

Travel and appointment time:

Owner Health's software provide patients an agreed service period rather than exact appointment time. The patient agrees the mobile practitioner will arrive at anytime during the service period. The practitioner will determine the most efficient route, and the appointment will commence when the physiotherapist arrives. 

If you require online bookings for your mobile allied health clinic, please start a free trial today. 

How to book an appointment?