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Software for mobile practitioners.

Owner Health is allied health professional-focussed practice management software designed and built to handle mobile appointments. It considers the geographic location of the patient, the practitioner, and the business in its scheduling. Owner Health is integrated with route planning software and a mobile payment gateway. It uses clever algorithms to define your service radius and restrict bookings of patients outside your area.
More often than not traditional clinic software does not work in mobile clinics, this is a result of practice management software that is too focused on centralized clinic appointments, i.e. the assumption that health professionals always work at a single location. For those of you who are mobile, this type of software does not consider important parameters like: travel time, service radius, and the fastest route to your appointment/consultation.

Mobile Worker

Home visit scheduling is more complex than clinic appointments. Many practitioners in many locations, servicing different areas. We are experts in this type of scheduling. We can improve your efficiency.

Home Visit
Online Bookings

Owner Health has developed an online booking system for home visit practitioners. We check the patients address is inside your service radius before accepting a booking. This means you can trust online bookings.


Route optimisation is the secret to a profitable home visit clinic. We provide a tool to optimise the appointment orders within out application. You will spend less time driving, and more time consulting.


Owner Health is a web-based application available on any device including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Fast & Easy

We have integrated with Stripe (credit card), HICAPS, Medicare, DVA, & NDIS. You can process payments very quickly from anywhere.

Safe &

Information security is very important in healthcare application. We have advanced authentication, file storage, and encryption methods to keep everything safe.

Google Maps

We have a full integration with google maps api. This gives us many advanced functions for home visit practitioners.

Arrival Time

We calculate the practitioners arrival time using a combination of distance and predicted traffic.


We have a deeper understanding of a practitioners service radius. We compare all patient bookings to practitioners location.



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