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​Owner Health's Seven-Day Podiatry Service. 

Owner Health's Seven-Day Podiatry Service. 

Owner Health offer a unique, Uber-style, seven (7) day mobile podiatry clinic.  The application connects patients requiring a home visit with local podiatrists, even on weekends. Our podiatrist network is available in Australia's five (5) major cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  Everything from initial diagnosis to treatment occurs in the comfort and convenience of your home.

What is Owner Health Podiatry?

Owner Health podiatrists are self-employed practitioners who make use of our cutting-edge software to manage their businesses.  Our company offers advertising support to practitioners via our website. We thoroughly vet health practitioners for their qualifications and skills.  In addition, we do not insist that they work on weekends. Why is this important?  Most of our podiatrists like and need flexible working conditions.  They want work outside their full-time duties to earn extra money.  However, they still need time for their home lives (e.g. mothers with young children). The bottom line though is that our podiatrists are looking forward to service your needs via home visits that are convenient for you.  Including a sizeable number who are available on weekends.

Why 7 day Podiatry?

As a mobile allied healthcare concern, we understand that lives are incredibly busy.  Australians' work and family commitments are all-consuming, leaving precious little time for healthcare concerns, including podiatry needs.Folks have told us about their foot care concerns and the frustrations they are experiencing with the lack of clinical care available outside regular working hours.  Solving attendance issues and other concerns is why Owner Health is committed to providing podiatry services seven days per week.

How to Make Owner Health Podiatry Bookings.

If you need podiatry on Saturdays or Sundays, the easiest way to secure an appointment is to book online.  You can enter your address to find and book practitioners in your local area.  Owner Health software works behind the scenes to ensure your choice makes sense.  We first verify that the practitioner is available, and then check that your home address is inside their service radius. If you've been putting off your foot care needs for far too long, now's the time to act.

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