In today's fitness crazy world, most of us are well aware of the importance of exercise and fitness. We all have our every own definitions of being fit. Some see it as working out in the gym, getting that size zero figure, while some see it just a way of being comfortable in their own skin.

What most of us struggle in being consistent in our fitness routine....Or should I say"We take up Fitness more like a seasonal hobby or just as a monthly project"

At times Fitness regime can be like a New Year's resolution, when we suddenly put ourselves under this big responsibility of sticking to our exercise routine. Moreover, when we are facing the harsh reality of not fitting into our favorite pair of jeans, is the time, when we suddenly start believing that exercise is the important thing and that we need to hit the gym...rather make it our second home!!!

We make these countless failed attempts of attending the gym. Strong reasons like, "Oh I am too tired!..I will start from tomorrow, seem very overpowering over the idea of staying fit. Why do we need to keep fitness as a low priority?

I believe, if we start focusing on the real essence of being fit, which is the true way of life, making fitness our no 1 priority wouldnt be a difficult thing. I truly believe that "Health is not just what you're eating, what you're thinking and saying are just as important.

When we start nurturing this thought of being fit, as our way of living, we will be easily motivated to stick to our exercise routine. It would be more like "To live...stay fit.

I leave you with this new perspective of seeing fitness as a unique way of self fulfillment.

Until next time!

Happy Reading!!!

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