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Physiotherapy MRI referrals

"Can my physiotherapist refer me for an MRI scan? Is the physiotherapy MRI referral bulk billed? Do i need to attend the doctor?"

Can a physiotherapist refer me for an MRI? 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the best available medical imaging for most musculoskeletal injuries. It can provide the health professional with a very high resolution image of the ligament and/or cartilage. A physiotherapist can refer a patient for MRI scan although it doesn't normally receive a health insurance rebate. 

Is the physiotherapy MRI referral bulk billed? 

An MRI referral from a physiotherapist is not bulk billed. To receive an rebate from medicare the MRI scan must be referred from a medical specialist, typically an orthopaedic surgeon. Although the MRI referral can be bulk billed from a specialist, not a physiotherapist, the patient will require to pay for two appointments to receive a referral from a specialist. Generally if surgery is not indicated, its better for a patient to get a referral from their physiotherapist rather than specialist if they're already receiving physiotherapy treatment. 

Do i need to attend the doctor to get an MRI referral? 

A patient will normally receive the same rebate from medicare from a physiotherapy and GP referral. Both normally do not receive any rebate. There are two exceptions: acute knee injuries, and radiating lumbar spine pain. If you have knee or radiating lower back pain you might be financially better to attend a GP to get an MRI referral. 

How much does an MRI cost? 

Over the last few years, the cost of an MRI has been relatively decreasing. At the time of writing this article (June 2017) and MRI costs approximately $230 for one region. 

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