Louis Ellery

600+ Appointments


Louis has a long history of work in private practice, with numerous clinics across north, central and South Brisbane. This included 3 years at Queensland Crickets' High Performance department, dealing with state and national representatives both at a junior and senior level. In this time Louis has also had stints in acute hospital settings, rural and local aged care services, as well as occasional mobile service.

Louis is qualified as a Functional Patterns level one practitioner, and also holds a dry needling certificate.

Within a physiotherapy setting, Louis has a large focus on building a neutral spine through targeted myofascial release work, followed by corrective exercises and structural integration of lines of muscles and fascia across the body. This enables a more global assessment and treatment that can identify problems anywhere in the body. His aim of treatment is to primarily reduce pain and improve function, but at the same time improve biomechanics in walking, running and throwing, to maximise efficiency and decrease the risk of reinjury.

Outside of physiotherapy, Louis is constantly working on improving his own biomechanics, and also finding ways to 'hack' his health. He loves cricket, having played professionally overseas in England, and will watch almost any sport on tv and listen to any music on the radio.
Louis has a personable nature, and is always happy to have a laugh, while at the same time realising his role is to improve patients' quality of life and put simply, get results.

Louis is primarily based in central, south and east Brisbane, living in Seven Hills, but if required is prepared to travel outside these areas.

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Provider Number: 461634BH


Initial consultation $130.0
Subsequent consultation $100.0
EPC $100.0
W/C - Subsequent Consultation (Level B) $75.0
NDIS - Travel (20mins) $20.0