Anne Vu

Occupational Therapist
Brunswick West
1000+ Appointments


Anne has over 10 years experience working predominantly within the public health sector. She graduated from La Trobe University in 2006 and has since worked across a range of clinical areas within a community rehabilitation setting. Anne has extensive experience in adult neurological rehabilitation, occupation based practice, home modifications and equipment prescription.

Anne has a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation (particularly stroke rehab) and clinical supervision of staff and students. She has always enjoyed the home based nature of her work, as a client’s occupations can be addressed within their own environment. As an Occupational Therapist, Anne believes working within a client’s own home and community facilitates best outcomes.

Anne continues to work part time as a senior clinician across the public and private sectors as she enjoys the flexibility and varied nature of the work.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys taking dance classes, baking and distributing baked goods to workmates!

Provider Number: 5405462L


Custom Orthotics $690.0
Trial Physiotherapy Services per hour $155.0
Biomechanical assesment 1 hour (approved by referrer) $155.0
Capital Guardians Accounts 30 minutes Home Visit $111.22
Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (30 minutes) ex GST $77.5
OT Telehealth 15min session $55.0
NDIS - report writing per 15min - No GST $48.49