Alina Ragghianti

Music Therapist
20+ Appointments


I am a Music Therapist from Argentina, with a degree from the Universidad del Salvador Med School in Buenos Aires in 2015. Since completing my training, I have worked as a Music Therapist, and I am registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association since February 2023.

My therapeutic approach is person-centered, and I work collaboratively with my clients and their families to design individualized goals in a handcrafted manner. I believe that every person is unique and deserving of individualized care.

In addition to English, I am fluent in Spanish, my native language, and have a basic proficiency in Portuguese. My primary instrument is my voice, and I also possess a good level of skill with guitar and a foundational knowledge of piano.

In Argentina, I worked as a clinician with children with developmental challenges, including Autism, Down's syndrome, Angelman's syndrome, and ADHD. I also served as a Music Teacher for several years, which provided me with a variety of tools to use in my therapy practice.

With elderly individuals, I have experience working in cognitive stimulation in community settings, as well as in private sessions with individuals with Afasia, Alzheimer's, and dementia.

Regarding young adults, I worked in a community setting, specifically a halfway day center, with individuals who were re-integrating into society following psychotic episodes or hospitalization.

As an individual, I consider myself bright and positive, and I am always willing to go the extra mile for the right cause. My passion for people has taken me to various locations around the globe, an activity I relish as much as being in nature.

Education: Licenced Music Therapist (Universidad del Salvador)
Provider Number: RMT 1588


Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training - Music Therapist $193.99
Music Therapy NDIS Report $193.99