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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hon) University of South Australia

Sareen graduated from the University of South Australia in 2011 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy
with Honours. During his undergraduate degree Sareen took a keen interest in knee osteoarthritis,
having observed Total Knee Replacement operations in theatre, and completing an Honours thesis
focused on assessing the effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions in severe knee osteoarthritis.
After graduating, Sareen commenced full time work in the Return to Work sector, rehabilitating
injured workers back to work. His experience in the Occupational Health sector led Sareen to
complete a post-graduate qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety Management from the
University of South Australia. During his work with injured workers, Sareen also looked to refine his
musculoskeletal assessment and management skills in upper limb injuries, and undertook studies to
become an Associate of the Australian Hand Therapy Association.
In 2016 Sareen diversified his treating physio role into a health promotion role, where he managed a
team of health consultants who educated the public and taught skills to prevent chronic diseases
and injuries in the workplace. In 2017 he diversified further, by taking on Business Development and
Project Management responsibilities whilst maintaining a physiotherapy case load.
Whilst working in the Return to Work space, Sareen’s most enjoyable experiences have come from
performing treatment in the patient’s own home. He quickly saw the advantages of delivering
services in the home: the patient received a well-tailored exercise program which used the
environment and equipment already available in that patient’s home. This resulted in better exercise
compliance, and better rehabilitation outcomes. Delivering services to patients in their own homes
was what attracted Sareen to join the Own Body team in 2018.
Sareen works part-time for Own Body in South Australia. In his spare time Sareen enjoys getting his
hands dirty with home renovations, as well as keeping fit at the gym and playing social Basketball.

Service pricing

  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit - $139.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit - $129.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) - $129.0

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