Komal Kanani Tarneit Physiotherapist | OwnerHealth


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

I am an experienced physiotherapist with a demonstrated history of working predominantly in the hospital setting. I also see post-operative patients ranging from orthopaedic, cardiac surgery, neuro-rehab to private practice and aged care.

Away from work I like yoga, pilates, travelling and spending time with family. I am based in Melbourne's Western suburbs, and available on Weekends.
I love being a physio!! I am great believer of educating self- managed strategies for patients undergoing rehabilitation in order to achieve best physical and social outcomes. I enjoy the challenge of healthcare, helping people and getting a chance to change patient's lives both on a physical and mental level.

Service pricing

  • Report - $179.26
  • NDIS - Physiotherapy - $179.26
  • Initial Consultation - $144.0
  • HSS - $135.0
  • Subsequent Consultation - $124.0
  • TAC Travel - $108.75
  • Telehealth 30 minutes - $100.0
  • Cancellation Fee - $62.0
  • GST - $16.5
  • Parking - $10.0