Kirsti McCormack Kippa-Ring Physiotherapist | OwnerHealth

  • Provider Number: 5148594J

Since graduating from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2009 and completing a Research Masters in 2010, Kirsti has developed a variety of experience through her work in Ireland and New Zealand. She has now settled in Australia devoting my time to enhancing the health and wellbeing of Australians!
Kirsti has experience working in all areas of the hospital setting and now continue to focus on musculoskeletal physiotherapy within private practise. She is passionate about functional physical exercise and considers it crucial to implement a tailored exercise programme to target clients’ physical issues so to set them up for rehabilitation success. When she’s not at work, you can find her in the gym or camping with her husband and dog!
“It is great that within Own Body, we visit clients’ homes so we can identify exactly what they need to live life as comfortably as possible.”

Service pricing

  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit - $139.0
  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $139.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) - $129.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $129.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit - $129.0
  • Subsequent Extended Physiotherapy Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $115.0
  • Telehealth Physio Session (60min) - $110.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) ex GST - $100.0
  • Extended Physiotherapy Discharge Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $98.0
  • Physiotherapy Home Visit (30 minutes) Ex GST - $98.0