Debby Purnama Melbourne Physiotherapist | OwnerHealth

  • Provider Number: 5107538A
Doctor of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne

Debby graduated from The University of Melbourne with Doctor of Physiotherapy degree. Over the years she has developed interests in musculoskeletal conditions and sporting rehabilitation, particularly in of the back, neck, hip and knee. She has gained further qualifications from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute to incorporate clinical pilates and functional training to help her clients reach their ultimate goals.
“My definition of success is when clients refer their family and friends to be under my care. I feel honoured to be given their trust and that motivates me to get out of bed every single day.”
Being a physiotherapist has given Debby the chance to deliver her passion in optimising people’s abilities and quality of daily living. Outside Own Body, she volunteered at sporting clubs and run pilates sessions to improve wellbeing in the community.

Service pricing

  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $139.0
  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit - $139.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit - $129.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) - $129.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $129.0
  • Subsequent Extended Physiotherapy Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $115.0
  • Telehealth Physio Session (60min) - $110.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) ex GST - $100.0
  • Extended Physiotherapy Discharge Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $98.0
  • Physiotherapy Home Visit (30 minutes) Ex GST - $98.0