Celeste Yong Cairnlea Physiotherapist | OwnerHealth

  • Provider Number: 5479863W
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of South Australia

Celeste graduated from the University of South Australia in 2008 and has close to 10 years’ experience as a physiotherapist; specialising in rehabilitation. She has a wide array of clinical experience including orthopaedics, vestibular rehabilitation, falls and balance and pain management. In addition, I have a great passion for Pilates and has completed various courses with APPI/DMA during my career. Celeste loves incorporating Pilates principles in her work as she believes that it helps to connect the mind and the body as well as improving core strength and overall flexibility. Celeste speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Her favourite past times includes baking, playing piano and doing Pilates & Yoga.

Service pricing

  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $139.0
  • Initial Physiotherapy Home Visit - $139.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) - $129.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit (ex GST) - $129.0
  • Standard Physiotherapy Home Visit - $129.0
  • Subsequent Extended Physiotherapy Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $115.0
  • Physiotherapy Services - Miscellaneous (Rate per hour) ex GST - $100.0
  • Physiotherapy Home Visit (30 minutes) Ex GST - $98.0
  • Extended Physiotherapy Discharge Home Visit (45 minutes) ex GST - $98.0