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NDIS Physiotherapist

Owner Health is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered physiotherapy marketplace; we provide home visit consultations. If you have a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) or NDIS plan, please contact us to discuss physiotherapy care.

Owner Health is different to a conventional physiotherapy clinic in two ways: we provide entirely home-visit consultations, and each practitioner is self-employed. Owner Health is a software company and marketplace. If you have a registered NDIS / NDIS plan and need physiotherapy for assessment, treatment, or training; please contact a physiotherapist directly to discuss your care requirements.

There are three main types of NDIS management plans: NDIS managed, plan managed, and self-managed. We have experience in each of the following; they main difference is where we send the invoice and paperwork involved. The first step is to complete a thorough assessment and work together to create a service agreement. The service agreement provides a quote for services to be completed and allocates the funding to physiotherapy; from here we generate service bookings.

Owner Health is an on-demand NDIS marketplace; if you're a qualified physiotherapist and can complete home visit consultations outside current duties, please create a practitioner profile online.

Home-Visit Physio & Podiatry.

1. Search home address.
2. Select practitioner.
3. Book appointment.
4. Home visit.

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